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The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) is an independent education oversight body created for the purposes of inspecting schools and reviewing their standards of education.

The ISI reviews whether the schools meet statutory requirements laid down by the Department for Education. The main aim of the ISI is to report to the Department for Education the extent to which the members of the Independent Schools Council (ISC) comply with the education regulations of 2010.

The ISI also reviews whether boarding schools in the UK are compliant with the National Minimum Standards.

The ISI also has the responsibility to review and report on whether the schools are compliant with the standards and requirements laid down by the Childcare Act 2006. This includes the Early Years Foundation Stage.

It is also the ISIís responsibility to assure the ISC members maintain the quality of education and comply with the guidelines set by the Department for Education. The ISI helps schools identify areas of improvement so that they can improve and enhance their quality of education. The ISI also prepares reports on the performance and quality of member schools and circulates this amongst parents.

ISI inspections and review processes are for the benefit of the pupils studying in schools. They seek to improve the effectiveness and quality of their education and ensure pupilsí welfare. The ISI is responsible for providing reliable and objective reports on the quality of schools. These reports are then circulated amongst the public and are made available to the government, the parents, the Department for Education, various educational associations and the community in general.

This circulation is important in helping the schools improve their weak areas.

How Can We Help?

As education and immigration advisors, we can help schools and private institutes gain the coveted Highly Trusted Sponsor status.

We help get the schools ready for their reviews and inspections from the ISI.

Once the school is accredited, we work with them to ensure that the accreditation is not lost and the school continues to retain its HTS status.

Hereís what we can do:
  • We provide the perspective of an external auditor on all the UKBA as well as ISI issues so that the school is aware of areas of improvement and can take the necessary remedial steps.
  • After auditing the school, we provide these audit reports and support for making necessary changes and improvements required.
  • We can institute mechanisms of monthly quality checks and if our services are retained, we can also help the schools run these monthly meetings. Since we offer an external perspective, we can guide the schools and take them on the path of continued self improvement.
  • We have created a thorough step by step process which helps you review all your processes and procedures and ensure that they are in compliance with the ISI standards. This helps in gaining accreditation as well as gaining the HTS status. We ensure the smooth running of the school and the courses offered for ISI inspection.
  • For colleges that are in the category of tier 4 sponsors, we can offer continued support services so that they can retain their status as well as their HTS accreditation.
  • We work closely with your staff and your students to ensure that you not only gain the ISI accreditation, but fall into grade 1 (exceeds expectations) or grade 2 (meets expectations) categories.
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