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Tier 5
Tier 5 visa

Tier 5 visas are ideal for those who wish to enter the UK and work.

You need to have a job offer for this visa, but if you belong to one of the countries that are covered under the Youth Mobility Scheme, you can gain entry without a job offer.

There are several subcategories in the tier 5 visa category.
  • Youth Mobility Scheme: this is a newly launched scheme for youth from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Monaco and Taiwan. Those coming to the UK under this scheme do not need to have a job offer and do not need to pass the points based assessment. They must want to come to the UK temporarily for a short period to experience life in the UK.
  • Creative and Sporting Professionals: this is applicable to workers in the creative and sporting industry who are coming to the UK for up to 12 months. The creative professionals should be entertainers or artists of high reputation and sportspersons should be internationally established. The leave to enter UK for these professionals should be vital for them to make significant contribution to their profession or sport.
  • Charity Workers: this is applicable to workers who are coming to UK to perform unpaid voluntary work. You need a sponsorship from a recognized organization to be able to qualify under this category.
  • Government Authorised Exchange: this is applicable to those people who are coming to the UK to share knowledge, best practices and experienced under approved government schemes. Those coming to the UK to experience the social and cultural life of UK under a government approved scheme may also be allowed to apply for a visa in this category.
  • International Agreement: This is applicable to those who are coming to the UK to do any kind of job or work covered under the international law. Employees of international organizations and overseas governments, along with workers under the General Agreement on Trade in Services and similar schemes and agreements are granted visas and leave to enter under this category. This category is also applicable to employees of international organizations such as the UN or WHO, and servants or private employees in the houses of diplomats.
How We Can Help?

To enable you to get leave to enter the UK under tier 5 category, we can help you get a detailed assessment of all your personal circumstances.

We can scrutinize your documents to ensure you are able to substantiate all the correct and required documents that strengthen your case and support your application.

We can also help you with your tier 5 visa application and as your advisors, we keep you up to date about the status of your application, especially if you need additional documentation for it.

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